2023-24 AGM Registration Form (Orillia Minor Hockey Association)

2023-24 AGM Registration Form
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ Please complete the following form to register to attend the 2023-24 Orillia Minor Hockey AGM on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 7:00 p.m at Rotary Place in the Meeting Room. Please register by Friday, April 19, 2024 at midnight to participate. Documents for the AGM will be sent out on Monday, April 22, 2024 by midnight. Please make sure to complete ONLY ONE section of this form. Please read the By-Laws Article 4 - Membership (which reads) Although an individual may qualify for, and be registered under, more than one of the following categories - i) an individual who represents the interest of one or more minor age players registered with the Association in 2023-24. ii) a Coach iii) a Convenor iv) a member of the Board of Directors v) an appointed Volunteer or vi) a player who has reached the age of majority each individual holds only one membership in the Association and is entitled to one vote of any meeting of the Members of the Association, provided that such Member is in good standing. For greater clarity, one membership will be issued to a designated parent or guardian in each family regardless of the number or minor aged players registered in that family. "Registered means whoever paid the registration for the player". Please ensure that if you are registering to vote that you are the member who paid the fees in 2023-24 for the player. The Orillia Minor Hockey By-Laws can be found under About Us on the website at www.orilliahockey.com

Player/Member Information

Please complete this section if you had a player in the program in 2023-24.

Non Parent Coach/Bench Staff

Please complete this section if you are a Non Parent Coach/Bench Staff or Volunteer

Life Member

Please complete this section if you are a Life Member with Orillia Minor Hockey.

Non Member Information

Please complete this section if you DO NOT have a player in the program, or are not a Coach, Bench staff, or Life Member (ie: General Public) but would like to view the meeting.