Policies (Orillia Minor Hockey Association)


Code of Conduct Policy - Click Here >Code_of_Conduct_Feb_7_2023.pdf

House League Policies
House League Policy - Click Here >House_League_Feb_7_2023.pdf
House League Select Policy - Click Here >House_League_Select_Program_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Representative Policy
Representative Policy - Click Here >Rep_Policies_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Coaching Policies
Coaching Selection Process - Click Here >Coach_Selection_Guideline_Feb_7_2023.pdf
Tryout Camp Process - Click Here >Tryout_Camp_Process_Feb_7_2023.pdf
Vulnerable Sector Check Policy - Click Here >Vulnerable_Sector_Check_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Social Media Policy 
Social Media Policy - Click Here >Sponsorship_Policy_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Equipment Policy
Equipment Policy - Click Here >Equipment_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy - Click Here >Sponsorship_Policy_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Rep and Select Team Finance and Fundraising Policy
Fundraising and Finance Policy - Click Here >

Ethical Business Conduct Policy

Ethical Business Conduct Policy - Click Here >Ethical_Business_Conduct_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Apparel Policy
Apparel Policy - Click Here >Apparel_Feb_7_2023.pdf

Incident Resolution Process
Incident Resolution Process - Click Here > Incident_Resolution_Process_2023.pdf
Incident Resolution Form Click Here>  -Incident Resolution Form

Appeal Process
Appeal Committee Process - Click Here >Appeals_Committee_Document_2023.pdf

Ontario Dressing Room Policy