Orillia Terriers Fall Classic (Orillia Minor Hockey Association)

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Orillia Terriers Fall Classic - November 10-12th, 2023

Registration is now open for the Orillia Terriers Fall Classic Tournament - November 10-12th, 2023.
There is a 3 game guarantee.  Please note the first game could begin as early as 8am on Friday, November 10th.




The Tournament Coordinator/Committee or the designated representative(s) thereof shall have complete authority with respect to the interpretation and/or application of the Tournament Rules and Regulations.

All decisions of the Tournament Coordinator/Committee, or the designated representative(s) thereof, shall be considered final and binding on all parties.

B.        GENERAL

1.             The Tournament shall be conducted in strict accordance with all Canadian Hockey Association rules and regulations, and all additional rules and regulations as may be determined by the Tournament


2.          a)      Notwithstanding item B (1), all participating teams are also required to conduct themselves in strict accordance with any additional rules and/or regulations which may also be applicable as a result of such team's membership in, or participation with a local governing body (i.e. Minor Hockey Association, regional Amateur Hockey Association, etc..) authorized to enact same, particularly with respect, but not limited to, the use of approved equipment and safety protection (i.e. neck guards, etc..).

   b)    The Tournament Coordinator/Committee will enforce this provision to the best of their ability; however, the Coordinator/Committee accepts no responsibility for ensuring that Tournament Teams adhere to local rules and/or regulations of which the Tournament Coordinator/Committee is unaware.



Teams may be required to provide additional documentation to verify that they are entered into the appropriate division.  It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that they are entered into the appropriate division.  Failure to enter your team in the appropriate division may result in the team being removed from further tournament play with no reimbursement of entry fee or any other incurred costs.


D.        TEAM SIGN-IN

1.            All teams are required to register and sign-in at the location of their first game, at least 45 minutes prior to their first game.



3.            Team rosters and/or player's cards will be brought to Tournament Headquarters for verification if not submitted electronically 7 days prior to participation.




The tournament coordinator reserves the right to alter the tournament format, if needed.


F.         GAME FORMAT

Unless otherwise determined by the Tournament Committee for scheduling purposes:


1.                      In order to keep our tournament on time, first period game clock will be set at 13 minutes.  Once the game clock begins to run it will not stop until there is a stoppage in play. (this includes warm-up and handshake).  Second and Third period will be 15 minutes stop timeIf possible, an ice clean shall be provided prior to each game.

2.                      No Overtime shall be played during Tournament. If games are tied at the end of regulation time Teams will proceed to shoot out.

3.            The Championship game will consist of one - ten (10) minute stop-time period and two fifteen (15)

minute stop-time periods.

4.          When a team is ahead by 5 or more goals in the third period of the Tournament the clock will run straight time.  The game will proceed under straight time unless the gap is reduced to three goals at which point the clock will revert back to stop time.  The only time the clock would be stopped during straight time is if an on-ice injury occurs.  All penalties are running time during straight time.   

5.             The tournament coordinator reserves the right to alter the game format, if needed.



If teams are tied at the end of round robin play, the following format will decide what team will advance to the play-off round in sequence, no reverting back.

1.       Head to head play (2 teams only)

2.       Goals for divided by (total # of goals for + goals against)

Higher percentage will advance.  For example, team A scores 10 goals and has 5 goals against 10/15 = 666%

3.       Most Wins

4.       Fewest goals against

5.       Team that scored the earliest goal in the tournament (their game)

6.       Fewest Penalty Minutes (all penalties)




1.             Any player or team personnel ejected from a game will be suspended from the teams' scheduled

TOURNAMENT games based on the OHF minimum suspension guidelines. (NO APPEAL).

2.            If deemed necessary by the Tournament Coordinator, further disciplinary action may be applied.

3.             Any player or team official receiving a Gross Misconduct or a Match Penalty at any time and/or for any reason during the Tournament shall be suspended for the remainder of the Tournament.


I.          PROTESTS

There will be NO protests allowed at this tournament.   Any concerns are to be addressed with the Tournament




1.             Players, team officials, parents, spectators and/or related volunteers, are to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and appropriate manner at all times.  Particular with respect, but not limited to, the treatment of on-ice officials, off-ice officials, facility staff, members of the Tournament Committee, and/or

other players, parents, spectators, and/or related volunteers The Tournament Coordinator shall reserve the

right to discipline (i.e. eject, suspend, remove from the premises, etc.) players, team officials, parents, spectators and/or related volunteers, for actions which the Tournament Coordinator deems to have been improper, regardless of where such action took place (i.e. on-ice or off-ice) and whether or not such action resulted in a penalty being assessed

2.             Players, team officials, parents, spectators and/or related volunteers shall not be permitted in the designated

Referee room for any reason.

3.            Team officials shall be held responsible for the conduct of their team's parents, spectators and/or related volunteers, and shall, immediately upon being asked to do so by the Tournament Coordinator, or a designated representative thereof, assist in the control of such person(s) within the facility, and/or the removal of such person(s) from the facility.  The Tournament Coordinator reserves the right to suspend any team whose team officials do not cooperate in this manner.




1.            A Goaltender shall not be permitted a warm-up” following a Goaltender change during a Tournament game, regardless of the reason (i.e. injury, etc.) for such change.

2.             The Home Team for each Round-Robin Tournament game shall be the team so designated in the Official

Tournament Schedule.

3.             All teams shall use only the facility Dressing Room assigned to them during each Tournament game and shall assume full responsibility for securing and/or otherwise protecting any/all of their belongings.

4.           It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure the dressing room is left neat & tidy after all the team players are out of it.

5.             In the event of a jersey conflict the home team will change jerseys.

6.             No Time-outs will be allowed in any tournament game.

7.       The tournament coordinator will make every attempt to notify teams of any changes to the published schedule, but it is the team’s responsibility to continually check the posted schedule to make sure there have not been any changes.


L.        MOUTH GUARDS  

Effective January 1st, 2002, OMHA has implemented a “mandatory mouth guard” policy.  All players MUST wear an approved mouth guard AT ALL TIMES while participating in games, practices or warm-up drills.  Failure to

follow this rule will result in a 10-minute misconduct penalty (M14) to the player.   No further suspension will


Note:      If a team’s governing body (i.e. Alliance) does not require the mandatory wearing of mouth guards, then that team is exempt from this policy.



Teams must be at the arena and prepared to start 15 minutes prior to the published scheduled start time.








The goal of the Orillia Terriers Fall Classic is for all Team’s to participate in a fun atmosphere enjoying a weekend of good hockey and most importantly SPORTSMANSHIP