Schedule & Results, MilkUP Family Day Weekend Festival (Orillia Minor Hockey Association)

Complete Tournament Schedule
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Saturday, February 15, 2020
Midget110:20 AMWO-Green Barrie Silver Midget 10-0Clearview Canucks
Midget211:25 AMWO-Green Twin Centre Stars 5-1Orono Leafs
Midget312:30 PMWO-Green Warkworth Bulldogs 3-1Mister Transmission
Midget41:35 PMWO-Green Clearview Canucks 1-14Oakridge Aeros
Midget52:40 PMWO-Green Canterbury 3-0Muskrat
Midget1013:45 PMWO-Green Orono Leafs 1-5Barrie Silver Midget
Midget1024:50 PMWO-Green Mister Transmission 4-2Twin Centre Stars
Midget1035:55 PMWO-Green Warkworth Bulldogs 0-8Canterbury
Midget 186:00 PMBO Huron-Bruce 2-3Mooretown
Midget1047:00 PMWO-Green Muskrat 1-6Oakridge Aeros
Midget 197:05 PMBO South Huron Sabres 4-2Barrie Colts Forest
Midget 228:05 PMWO-Green Hagersville Hawks 10-0Clarington Storm
Midget 208:10 PMBO West Nipissing Sting 2-1Welland
Midget 219:15 PMBO Twin Centres Stars 1 1-2Bourbon & Sons
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Midget 238:00 AMBO South Huron Sabres 1-4Huron-Bruce
Midget 248:00 AMCC Mooretown 1-6West Nipissing Sting
Midget68:00 AMWO -Blue Clearview Canucks 0-6Muskrat
Midget78:00 AMWO-Green Mister Transmission 2-1Twin Centre Stars
Midget 259:05 AMBO Barrie Colts Forest 3-5Twin Centres Stars 1
Midget89:05 AMWO -Blue Orono Leafs 1-9Barrie Silver Midget
Atom839:05 AMCC Newmarket Green Machine 5-0Scotiabank Orillia
Midget99:05 AMWO-Green Warkworth Bulldogs 1-7Oakridge Aeros
Midget 2610:10 AMWO -Blue Welland 7-3Hagersville Hawks
Midget 2710:10 AMWO-Green Bourbon & Sons 10-1Clarington Storm
Atom A7110:10 AMBO TNT Tornados Killer Canaries 11-4McDonalds Orillia Orange
Atom9010:10 AMCC The Blue Falcons 2-15Barrie Sky Blue
Peewee 5411:15 AMCC Barrie Redcoats 1-8Ron Johnston Insurance
Atom B7211:15 AMWO -Blue South Muskoka Wes Finch 2-4Robert's Electrical
Atom B7311:15 AMWO-Green Whitby Wildcats 4-3Atom 9 CRHL
Midget1012:20 PMWO -Blue Mister Transmission 0-7Canterbury
Peewee 5512:20 PMCC Erindale Spitfires 64 0-6Grimsby Rampage
Atom9112:20 PMWO-Green Dr. Hillson's Eyerillians Orillia 1-8The Sharks - Clarington
Midget 281:25 PMWO -Blue South Huron Sabres 0-4West Nipissing Sting
Midget 291:25 PMWO-Green Twin Centres Stars 1 3-2Huron-Bruce
Midget 301:25 PMBO Hagersville Hawks 1-3Mooretown
Midget 311:25 PMCC Barrie Colts Forest 14-0Clarington Storm
Midget132:30 PMWO -Blue Oakridge Aeros 5-1Barrie Silver Midget
Midget 322:30 PMCC Bourbon & Sons 7-4Welland
Atom842:30 PMWO-Green Paquette & Paquette Panthers 9-1Glanbrook Grey
Atom852:30 PMBO The Blue Falcons 0-8London Bandits
Peewee 533:35 PMWO -Blue Erindale Spitfires 73 1-6Kawartha Coyotes
Peewee 563:35 PMWO-Green Mister Transmission 0-3Bob's Electrical Trappers
Atom A703:35 PMBO Barrie Silver 3-1West Nipissing Sting Atom # 1
Atom864:40 PMWO-Green The Sharks - Clarington 1-16Barrie Sky Blue
Atom874:40 PMWO -Blue Newmarket Green Machine 9-0Dr. Hillson's Eyerillians Orillia
Peewee 575:45 PMBO Georgian Shores Lightning 1-5Cumberland Dukes
Atom895:45 PMWO -Blue London Bandits 0-1Paquette & Paquette Panthers
Midget166:50 PMWO-Green Oakridge Aeros 3-4Canterbury
Midget 336:50 PMWO -Blue Bourbon & Sons 4-6West Nipissing Sting
Atom886:50 PMBO Glanbrook Grey 8-2Scotiabank Orillia
Midget 347:55 PMWO -Blue Mooretown 4-5Twin Centres Stars 1
Bantam 397:55 PMWO-Green LPC 93 4-1Grimsby Blues
Bantam 407:55 PMBO Clarington Warriors 4-10North Bay Trappers Dyno Nobel
Bantam 369:00 PMWO -Blue Kawartha Coyotes 7-1Barrie Black
Bantam 379:00 PMWO-Green Newcastle Stars 4-3Dunnville Mudcats
Bantam 389:00 PMBO West Nipissing Michaud & Levesque 0-1Bantam # 1
Monday, February 17, 2020
Atom928:00 AMCC Dr. Hillson's Eyerillians Orillia 1-2The Blue Falcons
Atom938:00 AMWO -Blue Scotiabank Orillia 0-12Barrie Sky Blue
Atom948:00 AMWO-Green The Sharks - Clarington 1-5Paquette & Paquette Panthers
Atom958:00 AMBO Glanbrook Grey 4-3London Bandits
Bantam 419:05 AMWO -Blue Newcastle Stars 2-6Kawartha Coyotes
Bantam 429:05 AMWO-Green West Nipissing Michaud & Levesque 5-0Barrie Black
Atom A749:05 AMCC Barrie Silver 18-0McDonalds Orillia Orange
Atom B769:05 AMBO Atom 9 CRHL 3-5Robert's Electrical
Bantam 4310:10 AMWO -Blue LPC 93 3-1Dunnville Mudcats
Bantam 4410:10 AMWO-Green Clarington Warriors 0-6Bantam # 1
Atom A7510:10 AMCC West Nipissing Sting Atom # 1 6-2TNT Tornados Killer Canaries
Atom B7710:10 AMBO South Muskoka Wes Finch 0-4Whitby Wildcats
Bantam 4511:15 AMWO -Blue Grimsby Blues 0-3North Bay Trappers Dyno Nobel
Peewee 6011:15 AMWO-Green Erindale Spitfires 64 0-4Barrie Redcoats
Peewee 6111:15 AMCC Ron Johnston Insurance 5-9Kawartha Coyotes
Peewee 5912:20 PMCC Grimsby Rampage 7-2Mister Transmission
Peewee 6212:20 PMWO -Blue Georgian Shores Lightning 1-2Erindale Spitfires 73
Peewee 6312:20 PMWO-Green Bob's Electrical Trappers 0-7Cumberland Dukes
Atom A781:25 PMWO -Blue TNT Tornados Killer Canaries 1-9Barrie Silver
Atom B801:25 PMBO Robert's Electrical 5-1Whitby Wildcats
Atom961:25 PMCC The Blue Falcons 0-5Newmarket Green Machine
Peewee 642:30 PMCC Kawartha Coyotes 14-0Erindale Spitfires 64
Peewee 652:30 PMWO -Blue Mister Transmission 7-2Barrie Redcoats
Atom A792:30 PMWO-Green West Nipissing Sting Atom # 1 20-0McDonalds Orillia Orange
Atom B812:30 PMBO Atom 9 CRHL 9-3South Muskoka Wes Finch
Bantam 493:35 PMCC North Bay Trappers Dyno Nobel 6-1Dunnville Mudcats
Bantam 463:45 PMWO -Blue Newcastle Stars 0-5West Nipissing Michaud & Levesque
Bantam 473:45 PMWO-Green Kawartha Coyotes 3-2LPC 93
Bantam 483:45 PMBO Barrie Black 1-4Clarington Warriors
Bantam 504:40 PMCC Bantam # 1 4-0Grimsby Blues
Peewee 664:50 PMBO Georgian Shores Lightning 1-6Ron Johnston Insurance
Peewee 674:50 PMWO -Blue Cumberland Dukes 5-1Grimsby Rampage
Peewee 684:50 PMWO-Green Bob's Electrical Trappers 5-1Erindale Spitfires 73
Atom975:55 PMWO-Green Newmarket Green Machine 5-1Glanbrook Grey
Atom986:55 PMBO Paquette & Paquette Panthers 0-6Barrie Sky Blue
Peewee 1067:00 PMWO-Green Kawartha Coyotes 0-11Cumberland Dukes
Atom A (XOVER)827:00 PMWO -Blue Robert's Electrical 3-4Barrie Silver
Peewee 1078:00 PMBO Ron Johnston Insurance 5-7Grimsby Rampage
Bantam 518:10 PMWO -Blue North Bay Trappers Dyno Nobel 4-1Bantam # 1
Bantam 528:10 PMWO-Green West Nipissing Michaud & Levesque 6-2Kawartha Coyotes
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